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Fine materials, maximum comfort and the atmosphere of the Old Town’s streets.
Florian combines the latest trends and technologies with traditional urban living.

for life

Florian is the home of modern city people. It brings to the Blumentál neighbourhood original apartments of a high standard and new opportunities to spend time in the calm green streets of Bratislava's Old Town.

The first phase comprises an eight-storey building with 73 apartments for around 160 residents. With a café terrace, a square and a park, it is excellently integrated into the surrounding area, creating a pleasant space right at the foot of the building.

The second phase will comprise two eight-storey buildings with 240 apartments for approximately 600 residents. The space between the buildings is a quiet pedestrian street with front gardens and a public green area with a playground and seating under tall trees.

The first phase building has a regular shape, a symmetrical façade and a clean, calm architectural expression. It is the flagship of the project: at the intersection of Imricha Karvaša Street and Slovanská Street, it forms a recognisable gateway to the Blumentál area.

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The freedom of Old Town’s streets

In Florian, you don't need public transport or a car. Shopping, amenities, leisure and social life are all within walking distance – just as it should be in the centre. If you do need to get around, you can take advantage of the direct connection to the cycle path or the high-quality underground car park.


Want to drink coffee in the Medical Garden or walk your dog to Freedom Square? No problem – both are within a 5-minute walk.


Groceries, cafés, a post office, and also a hospital, schools and kindergartens. All within easy walking distance. Couriers can also easily get here from the centre in a few minutes.


Slovak Radio, the Blumentál Church, the Presidential Palace, as well as all the shops, theatres and cinemas of the Old Town – just take your pick.


There are public transport stops in front of the building, as well as major cycle routes. Parking is available in the underground garage and there are good connections to main traffic points.

Top-notch technologies
in the city

Florian's unassuming façade hides the most advanced technology the construction industry has to offer. Thanks to the uncompromising choice of technologies used for construction and operation, the apartments not only represent substantial energy savings, but also the highest possible comfort available on our market.

The heating and cooling source are 100-metre-deep dry geothermal boreholes
Green roofs reduce the carbon footprint
The buildings save at least 50% on energy costs (heating, cooling and hot water production), minimizing their carbon footprint
The thick substrate retains water and allows larger trees to be planted

From the 100-metre-deep borehole for heating and cooling to the automatic ventilation, Florian is one of the most energy-efficient and energy-saving buildings on the market. This translates into a smaller carbon footprint, less impact on the surrounding air and groundwater, and noticeably lower energy bills.

Even with intensive cooling, you won't feel draughts and fresh air will flow even when the windows are closed.
Shading increases comfort and energy efficiency
Smart central ventilation control takes care of air exchange
The apartments are full of light, with lowered window sills, external blinds and covered loggias
Heating under your feet is economical and comfortable.

The new generation of heating, cooling and shading technologies may not be visible, but you will definitely feel them. You won't feel draught in your home even with intensive cooling, fresh air will flow even when the windows are closed, and you can enjoy the sunshine as much as you like. Automatic control systems take care of everything.

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Technical standard in a nutshell

Architecture of functional

Pohľad na pripravovanú druhú fázu bytového domu R2

View of the planned 2nd phase of the R2 residential building

Florian follows the principles of traditional urban development in its structure, colour and materiality. The design by Dutch studio Benthem Crouwel works with typical urban elements: pleasant corners, a busy square and a quiet green street between the houses. This creates the atmosphere of a quiet urban neighbourhood to a modern architectural and technical standard.

Florian combines premium architecture with functional greenery and energy-saving technologies. The many unobtrusive details create an exceptional standard of living that not only looks good, but is also efficient, economical and extremely comfortable.

Urban character

The colours and structures of the buildings mirror the existing buildings in the area

Durable materials

The façade uses stone, concrete and stucco reliefs

Peaceful environment

Calm and welcoming streets create a quiet haven

Pedestrians first

Pedestrianisation of public spaces increases safety and shortens distances

Flexible layouts

Individuals, couples and families can easily choose from a range of layouts

Traditional housing

The project evokes the atmosphere of a traditional neighbourhood in courtyard houses

Focus on greenery

Florian works with an above-standard amount of green areas: from front gardens to benches and seating areas shaded by tall trees, to a children's playground hidden in a quiet lane between the buildings of the second phase.

The greenery in the project has been designed to reduce the temperature in the area and provide a place for relaxation and activity. The landscaping, planting and furnishings create a pleasant and calm environment of quiet urban streets. However, the greenery also has a practical function: it lowers the temperature of the area and, unlike parking lots or empty squares, it invites people to spend time outdoors.

Maximizing green areas

Paved areas are limited to the bare minimum in favour of green areas

Coarse substrate

Greater substrate thickness retains water, reduces overheating and helps larger trees to take root


Planting is diverse to limit monocultures and remain interesting throughout the year

Tall trees

Planting larger trees will provide plenty of shade even on the hottest of days


The ecological source of drinking water will also take care of irrigation thanks to natural water absorption

Choose your
city apartment

Everyone can choose from our apartments. The one- to four-bedroom apartments have well-designed layouts that can be easily adapted to suit your needs – whether you are a couple, a single person or a family.


Choose the floor


Number of rooms

Apartment no.
Number of rooms
In total
Q3/25 Apartment F1.B.101 2 2 53,49 6,30 59,79 Available 360°
Q3/25 Apartment F1.B.202 3 2 53,26 6,30 59,56 Available 360°
Q3/25 Apartment F1.B.206 3 2 59,14 5,18 64,32 Available 360°
Q3/25 Apartment F1.B.207 3 2 53,26 6,30 59,56 Available 360°
Q3/25 Apartment F1.B.208 3 2 53,51 6,30 59,81 Available 360°
Q3/25 Apartment F1.B.210 3 2 49,26 8,76 58,02 Available 360°
Q3/25 Apartment F1.B.211 3 3 85,54 8,42 93,96 Available 360°
Q3/25 Apartment F1.B.301 4 2 53,49 6,30 59,79 Available 360°
Q3/25 Apartment F1.B.303 4 2 59,15 5,17 64,32 Available 360°
Q3/25 Apartment F1.B.309 4 3 85,38 8,36 93,74 Available 360°
Q3/25 Non-residential apt. F1.A.304 4 1 30,94 3,07 34,01 Available 360°
Q3/25 Apartment F1.B.402 5 2 53,26 6,30 59,56 Available 360°
Q3/25 Apartment F1.B.407 5 2 53,26 6,30 59,56 Available 360°
Q3/25 Apartment F1.B.411 5 3 85,60 8,36 93,96 Available 360°
Q3/25 Apartment F1.B.501 6 2 53,49 6,30 59,79 Available 360°
Q3/25 Non-residential apt. F1.A.504 6 1 30,94 3,07 34,01 Available 360°
Q3/25 Apartment F1.B.601 7 4 139,82 14,91 154,73 Available 360°
Q3/25 Apartment F1.B.606 7 2 59,14 5,18 64,32 Pre-reserved 360°
Q3/25 Apartment F1.B.607 7 2 53,26 6,30 59,56 Pre-reserved 360°
Q3/25 Apartment F1.B.608 7 2 53,51 6,30 59,81 Pre-reserved 360°
Q3/25 Apartment F1.B.610 7 2 49,26 8,76 58,02 Pre-reserved 360°
Q3/25 Apartment F1.B.707 8 2 53,26 6,30 59,56 Pre-reserved 360°
Q3/25 Apartment F1.B.710 8 2 49,26 8,76 58,02 Pre-reserved 360°
Q3/25 Non-residential apt. F1.A.305 4 1.5 36,36 3,05 39,41 -
Q3/25 Non-residential apt. F1.A.204 3 1 30,94 3,07 34,01 -
Q3/25 Non-residential apt. F1.A.205 3 1.5 36,36 3,05 39,41 -
Q3/25 Non-residential apt. F1.A.105 2 1.5 36,37 3,05 39,42 -
Q3/25 Apartment F1.B.410 5 2 49,26 8,76 58,02 -
Q3/25 Non-residential apt. F1.A.405 5 1.5 36,36 3,05 39,41 -
Q3/25 Apartment F1.B.510 6 2 49,26 8,76 58,02 -
Q3/25 Apartment F1.B.306 4 2 59,14 5,18 64,32 -

The first phase is coming soon

Florian brings life back to a forgotten part of the Old Town. Its construction is planned in a typical urban way: gradually, in individual blocks. The first phase will include 73 apartments to be completed in 2025.

Construction timeline

Q2/2023 Construction start date
Q1/2024 Sales launch date
Q3/2025 Planned completion date

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    ALTO Real Estate is a team of creators of sustainable, stable and timeless real estate projects with a strict focus on quality. Florian, just like all our projects, is built to be unique, valuable and enduring. We have high goals, ambitions and standards, and we work to ensure that the tenants in our projects will continue to benefit from their quality for a long time to come.

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